Kaia Baby Socks KBS 023 “Baby Boss”


  • Anti Skin Irritation
  • Highest Quality Cotton
  • Happy Mood Mode
  • Perfect fit and warm
  • Allow Perfect Growth
  • Anti Bacterial Sock

Regardles of weather and seasons

Our socks are made to ensure perfect combination of softness and confort analyzed and measured to fit the ergonomics of anatomy especially infants fet and it’s relationship with growth.

Fiber Content:

  • 90% Organic Cotton
  • 10% Elastane
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Kaia Socks is the original Indonesia Clothing founded on 2019. Kaia Socks is registered trademark and protected under Indonesian Law.


Beli Kaos Kaki


Size Chart:
Panjang Sole: 11cm
Lebar Sole: 6,5cm
Panjang Leg: 9cm
Tinggi Karet: 1,5cm